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Jessica + Chris | Chicago Engagement Session

June 6, 2019

As a wedding photographer, there’s always a list of locations that I’m dreaming to shoot at one day. About 3 years ago, I saw a photo on Pinterest of this amazing pavilion in Chicago but the link was broken so I had no idea where it was located. I asked a few people I knew who lived up there and they had never seen it either. So my dream of shooting at this random place in Chicago that nobody had ever seen before was slowing fading away. I forgot all about it until Jessica showed me engagement photo ideas in an email. I was scrolling and there it was, that beautiful pavilion and it was located in Lincoln Park Zoo! I told Jessica I was pumped about her session but shooting at that pavilion was a dream come true.

Fast forward to this past weekend when we were there getting ready to take pictures. We turned our backs for a few minutes to shoot at another spot and a few ladies showed up with a harp, of all things, and sat it right in the middle of the pavilion. Apparently everyone else thinks its awesome too. We decided to wait and just share the love and took some photos on the sides, etc. Then this lady came up to us and asked if we’d be finished shooting in the next 20 minutes because a yoga class was going to be starting. I looked at the ladies with the harp, we made eye contact, and we all knew we had work to do in 20 minutes LOL. We all wanted “the” shot standing in the middle of the darn thing. I worked quickly and was able to get everything I needed and the harp ladies got what they wanted as well. Talk about a workout! I feel like I had Jessica and Chris all over that thing in a matter of 10 minutes. And thanks to my friend Lacey, whom I was visiting that weekend, for holding my camera bag and helping me switch through lenses quickly.

After a fast-pace start, things began to slow down as we walked around the zoo for a little bit. The zoo is absolutely beautiful and you should definitely check it out the next time you’re in town. Jessica and Chris also wanted to get some lakeview shots with the skyline in the background. So we made our way over to the North Avenue Beach to take pics along the pier. The water was beautiful, the skyline was picture perfect and I may have had to climb up on a wall to get certain shots (because I’m so dang short). They all turned out so good and I’m so glad it wasn’t busy so we didn’t have to work around a ton of people.

We ended the session at probably the best spot ever… where Jessica and Chris met! One night, after a Cubs game, Chris spotted Jessica at one of the bars down by Wrigley. His friends all wanted to take off and go home, but he wanted to stay so he could go talk to this amazingly beautiful girl he saw. After a little liquid courage, he made his way over to introduce himself and he ended up hanging out with Jessica and her friends the rest of the night… and they’ve been inseparable ever since! How cute! I love hearing love stories like that.

I’m so happy with how their session went and I’m even more excited to show you their gallery. Enjoy a few of my favorites!

Standing (and kissing) in the very spot they met! How romantic and sweet!

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