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Lindsey + Austin | Carlyle Lake Engagement Session

September 5, 2019

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I can still remember the day Lindsey told me she was engaged. We were driving back to the office one morning (we work together and we’re pretty much BFFs) and we were discussing some random topic, probably about crocheting or quilting, and she just blurted out that she and Austin got engaged while they were on vacation in Mexico. I looked at her and said, “no you didn’t” and she kept swearing it was true. Now, it wasn’t like I wasn’t excited for her. It was the fact that she was engaged for like two or three weeks before telling me! I was so happy for her and told her that we needed to start wedding planning that day. I love planning for events like this so I was ready to go. That was back in April. I kept asking her when she thought they’d like to do engagement photos but we were getting busy at work with planting season and Austin’s work schedule was getting kind of crazy too. She said she wanted to wait till it cooled down after summer. Since they’re getting married in November, I kept bringing it up and reminding her.

As luck would have it, we all found a Friday where our schedules weren’t crazy and the weather was absolutely perfect! Lindsey wanted an overcast day for her pics (so did I, because of the location) and we both got our wish. The only request Austin had was that we take a few pictures at the firehouse in Okawville where he volunteers. So, we started the session off there. Austin had just got some new gear and I talked Lindsey into buying some red heels for pics at the firehouse. I’m so glad she did because I feel like the heels tie the whole look together.

We left the firehouse and made our way to Carlyle Lake. I had only been there once in the past but it was when I was in junior high so I couldn’t remember what it looked like. Lindsey said there was a beach there and that’s what she wanted to use. When we pulled up, I saw these amazing rocks and I knew immediately that we were starting there first! When you scroll below and see these photos, you’re not going to believe they are in Illinois. It feels like we’re in Michigan or somewhere coastal! I love EVERY. SINGLE. PHOTO. and I’m not just saying that because she’s my bestie. I seriously love everything about this session.

We ended up the night by treating ourselves to some good food at Fine Swine and if you’ve never been there before you need to. I had the best ribs of my entire life there and I definitely plan on going back or more!

Lindsey and Austin, I hope you enjoy looking through my favorites. I cannot wait till November for your wedding. It’s going to be amazing!!!

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