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Allison + Cody | Engaged

September 16, 2019

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SIU Campus and Giant City Lodge Engagement Session

What’s better than having coffee at Starbucks? Meeting an amazing couple WHILE having Starbucks coffee! I had the best morning meeting Allison and Cody about a month ago. They live in the Carbondale area and I told them I’d meet them so that we could discuss my wedding pricing and information. There’s always a lot to discuss when it comes to a wedding and I wanted to make sure we were on the same page with everything. I knew within the first ten minutes of our hour+ long meeting that these two were amazing. When Allison sent me a text a few days later that she and Cody had decided to book my services, I was so dang excited and couldn’t wait to work with them.

Allison and Cody first met through online dating. They both instantly liked each other’s profile and started messaging back and forth that evening. Nothing really progressed after that. But then Allison saw Cody about 2 months later when she became an x-ray student. He had just started working in the x-ray department! They both remembered each other things took off from there. How cool is that?!

Allison and Cody were planning an October 2020 wedding, but life has handed them some lemons. Cody has started treatment to battle cancer (again) but they are making lemonade through all of it. They have decided to get married married at the courthouse this coming Friday with their family and friends by their side! I know it’s not what they had in mind but Allison and Cody just love each other and want to get married while Cody is still feeling good (since treatment just wears a person down, you know). Allison even made the comment during their engagement session that planning a courthouse wedding has been way more easier to deal with and kind of liked it LOL.

I had so much fun with these two walking around SIU Carbondale’s campus and the Giant City Lodge. They brought along their fur baby, Rosie, too! She’s the cutest little pup and I swear she smiled in some of her photos. Thanks to Cody’s parents for coming along to help with Rosie. It was so great getting to meet them as well and I can’t wait to see them all again this coming Friday. It’s going to be an amazing day 🙂

Enjoy looking through my favorites from my day with Allison and Cody!

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