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Carleigh + Brandon | Wedding

October 30, 2019

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Fall Wedding at the Cabin, Pinckneyville, Illinois

October is almost over and I’m sitting here wondering how that’s possible. If tomorrow is really Halloween, then that means that Carleigh and Brandon have been married for almost 3 weeks and that just doesn’t seem possible. I can remember booking these two and thinking how far away their seemed and now it’s already happened! It’s crazy how time flies.

Carleigh and Brandon were married on the 12th of October and it was absolutely beautiful that day. The sun was shining giving that perfect golden glow you only get this time of year. The ceremony took place at the family cabin just outside of Pinckneyville. Next to the cabin were rows of white chairs facing the lake with old wooden doors and decor at the back and an arbor with drapery and florals up front to make an altar. On the altar were initials carved into the word that Brandon surprised Carleigh with. When the ceremony started, the wooden doors opened up and there stood Carleigh and her father along with Carleigh and Brandon’s children and their dog! They all walked down the aisle together towards Brandon and it gave me all the feels!

After a quick ceremony and family formals, everyone made their way to the Pinckneyville Columbian Club (to me it’ll always be called the KC Hall hahah). When you entered, a nice gentleman poured you a shot at the door (if you wanted one) and you could also sign the guest book and pick up a beer koozie. The tables were decorated beautifully with florals and wooden/rustic accents along with drapery. The dessert table was so cool with what had to be real chucks of tree limbs holding the cupcakes. You’ll see below when you see my favorites. I would say my favorite part of the evening was when Carleigh and Brandon danced with their children. After they had their dance as husband and wife, they wanted to incorporate a dance with the kids and they danced to the song Is That Alright by Lady Gaga. If you’ve seen the movie A Start Is Born then you’ve heard this song and it’s one of my favorites. I thought I was a Lady Gaga fan but Carleigh blows me out of the water! That girl loves Gaga so much that dinner music was Gaga songs only. No Michael Buble played at this wedding LOL. I absolutely loved it and I loved working with Carleigh and Brandon so much fun. Their wedding day was so much fun and it was a joy to be a part of. Enjoy looking through my favorites from their big day.

A little gift from Brandon.

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  1. Kathie Gable says:

    Beautiful wedding. More beautiful is the family they’ve become! You’ll have wonderful memories!

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