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Becky + Bradley | Engaged

October 31, 2019

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Du Quoin Fairgrounds Engagement Session

Fall is the time of year where there’s football, hayrides, pumpkins, apple cider, hoodies and jeans and it’s also the time of year where couples want to book their engagement photo sessions. It’s a busy time of year for photographers and if you can snag up a date on their schedule then you’re one of the lucky ones. In my case, I ALWAYS make sure my wedding couples get first dibs on fall dates. I make sure to fit them in no matter what. As luck would have it, Becky and Bradley snagged up a Sunday and we planned an evening in Du Quoin at the fairgrounds.

Becky and Bradley offered to swing by my house and pick me up on the way to Du Quoin and I knew from that moment that these two were going to be my new friends. They are both so kind, genuine and down to earth and during the car ride over to Du Quoin we discussed all about how they met, how Bradley asked Becky’s father for his hand in marriage, how he proposed and we also discussed their wedding day and how they saw the whole day unfolding. I remember asking Bradley what he was most nervous about, when it came to asking Becky’s father for his hand or asking Becky to marry him and he said talking with Becky’s father! I can only imagine! I mean, it’s a huge step and you want to make sure that you have family supporting you and giving you their blessing. I think it’s romantic and sweet and I hope one day, even though I’ll probably be 40 by the time I’m married, that my future BF goes to my father and does the same.

Du Quoin has some really amazing spots to shoot at for portraits, especially the fairgrounds. There’s a pretty lake, horse stables, a bridge and these weird bonsai trees (if you’ve been there you know what I’m talking about). I can shoot there every day of the week and not get tired of it. Becky and Bradley trusted me to find the perfect spots for them and I think we totally nailed it. It didn’t take long for them to work out the nerves and by a few poses in they were pros. I loved watching them interact with each other and the way Bradley looks at Becky is just so dang sweet! It was definitely hard picking out favorites, but below are the photos that I loved most from my time with these two. Enjoy!

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