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Sarah + Chris | Engaged

January 18, 2021

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Red Bud, Illinois Engagement Session – Wedding Giveaway Winners

Do you all remember a year ago when I posted about doing a wedding giveaway to one couple? Well, it’s time to finally introduce you to that couple. Everyone, I’d like you all to meet Sarah and Chris.

Sarah and Chris, along with a bunch of other couples, all entered the giveaway by video entry. I didn’t want just a simple written response or a voting system on social media from their friends/family. The vendors and I all wanted to see each other and hear from them in their own words why they wanted to win and what it would mean for them if they won. It was such a tough decision, but the vendors and I all agreed upon one winner.

The giveaway was something on my heart that I have been wanting to do for years and it’s finally happening! I’ll be working with some of my favorite vendors too and it makes my heart feel all warm and fuzzy that these vendors are wanting to do this giveaway with me. I wasn’t sure what they’d all say when I asked if they wanted to be apart of it, but they ALL said yes basically without me evening finishing the sentence. Here’s a list of the vendors who will be apart of the wedding with me:

Savanna Kathleen Photography – Savanna will be my second shooter for wedding day and she took lead for engagement session. Her style is more moody and darker than mine and I’m excited that we both get to give Sarah and Chris different looks for their portraits.
J&L’s Salon – Jamie, Leslie and their team will be styling the bridal party and mommas with beautiful hairdos and makeup. I love the girls at this salon. They’re up to date with their skills since they’re always attending workshops and trainings. And they’re super quick with large bridal parties. Plus, I get my hair done by Jamie and it’s been my #1 salon for years. I’ve been talking about this giveaway for years while sitting in Jamie’s chair and they’ve been on board since the brainstorming started.
Twig Floral Designs – Jonathon and his team will be doing all the floral work and let me tell you… I’m pumped for Sarah and Chris for this! I’ve known him for years, especially while working in the wedding industry together and his work is amazing. Can’t wait to photography his work.
Vacay Vibe Travels, LLC – Amy contacted me after I posted about the giveaway and asked if she could give a honeymoon to the winning couple. Yes… you read that right! She contacted me. It was just the icing on the cake for this giveaway. I believe Sarah and Chris have planned a trip to Hawaii and I’m so happy for them.

Now since Savanna took lead during the engagement session, I just sat back and watched and then I snuck in a little time between her poses, etc. I absolutely loved my time with Sarah and Chris. Funny side note, Savanna and I met just minutes before meeting these two! We’ve just been social media friends over the years and have admired each other’s work. It was so much fun getting to work with her and see her work her magic.

Now, I could go on and on about this couple and how amazing their session was but this blog post is already super long and I’m sure you’re all curious about their video entry. You can watch it HERE.

Enjoy looking at a few of my favorites below!

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