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Sidney + John | Wedding

September 13, 2021

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Rainy Wedding at Fort Kaskaskia

This beautiful day began at Fort Kaskaskia. Sidney’s uncle had a camper there and they were kind enough to let Sidney and her bridesmaids use it to get ready in. It was pouring down rain but still a beautiful day. It’s always beautiful on wedding days for me. It’s one of the most important days in my couple’s lives and there’s nothing that can rain on their parade… literally!

Sidney and her mother, Patti, are super close and the moment Patti zipped Sidney into her wedding gown was so special to capture. They hugged and had a moment together after putting the final details on like the necklace, earrings, etc. Not all mothers and daughters have relationships like theirs, I realize that, but I think everyone desires a close relationship like theirs. I’m sure they have been dreaming and planning Sidney’s wedding day ever since Sidney was a little girl. Happy tears were shed, even from me and it reminded me once again of how much I love being a part of weddings.

Speaking of happy tears, when Sidney and John had their first look and John turned around I remember Sidney saying, “are you not going to cry?” and then she proceeded to cry and John just pulled Sidney close, hugged her and they embraced for a while. It’s honesty such a special time for a bride and groom to share with one another. Whether or not you cry at your first look, laugh or have a 5 minute conversation, all first looks are special. They’re all different and unique but what makes them special is that it’s one of the rare times that a couple gets to have some alone time together. Since it was raining, technically Sidney and John were not completely alone. Their bridal party was also there but they were watching from the the other side of the pavilion.

After portrait time was over, it was time to get ready for the ceremony. Sidney kept telling me she wanted to watch the radar and if it looked like rain was going to let up that she wanted to move the alter and bridal party outside to the front of the pavilion overlooking the Mississippi River. It’s a beautiful spot at Fort Kaskaskia. The good Lord heard our prayers because the rain did let us and it was a sprinkle and we made the last minute decision to move everything out from under the pavilion. It was the wedding ceremony Sidney and John had dreamed of. I’m sure that dream was a little dryer but at the end of the day all that mattered was that they were married and got to do so in front of all their closest friends and family.

The night ended at a beautiful reception at the Steeleville American Legion Hall. It was been completely remodeled and I believe it was the first event to be held there since the renovation and Covid shutdowns. I walked in and the space was decorated beautifully with rustic elements and rose colored cheese cloth. There was a custom sign hanging behind the head table with Sidney and John’s last name “KOHLHAAS”. For dinner they served tacos and there was even a queso cheese fountain! Everyone was so happy and I think it was my first wedding were tacos were served and I wasn’t mad about it! I could eat tacos every day!

I’m so honored to have been a part of Sidney and John’s wedding day. Their day was so special and I can’t wait to show you my favorites below. Enjoy!

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