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Meghan + Ryan

June 28, 2022

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Trinity Lutheran Church/Ratzkeller – Red Bud, Illinois

Fall weddings are still, to this day, some of my favorites weddings. There’s just something about fall that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. When I found out that Meghan and Ryan were having a fall wedding I knew it was going to be awesome. There were going to be tractors and cowboy hats involved and I was told that I’d love working with their bridal party. I always love talking with my couples beforehand and getting an ideas of how they envision for their wedding day.

When the day came, I walked into the room where the girls were all getting ready and I saw the girls all smiling, laughing and having a great time. They were dressed in silk robes with custom monograms, even the mommas and they all looked amazing with their hair and makeup done. The first happy tears to flow was when Meghan wanted to do a first look with her father. It was such a sweet moment and even I had tears in my eyes. I pretty much cry at every wedding so this was no shock to me. I freaking love weddings man! I love a good daddy-daughter moment but I wasn’t prepared for the amazing and intimate moment that Meghan and Ryan shared together. Their first look took place inside the church and before they turned around to see each other, they read the letters that they wrote to each other. More happy tears shed and they embraced for a while. I always tells me couples to take as much time as they need during this moment. It’s probably one of the only moments of a wedding day where the couple can be alone or take a moment to themselves.

After all the first looks and bridal party portraits, it was time for the ceremony to begin. The cermeony took place at the Trinity Lutheran church. Candles on tall gold poles lined the aisle along with a floral mix with sunflowers and tulle on the pews. The ceremony was super sweet and I loved hearing them say their vows to one another. They took part in a marriage braid instead of the traditional unity candle. Watching Meghan and Ryan walk out of that church as husband and wife was so amazing and I loved seeing Meghan’s smile and enthusiasm. When a bride throws up her hand with the bouquet in excitement, it’s always a great photo!

After a few portraits with a tractor at Meghan and Ryan’s house, the celebration continued at the Ratzkeller in Red Bud, Illinois. More sunflowers and greenery decorated the tables as well as mason jars and country elements. The grazing table with snacks was amazing and I pretty much sampled everything on that table! I can remember after all the speeches and first dances were over, Meghan came up to me and she told me she wanted one last photo before I left. She wanted a pictures of her and Ryan kissing behind his cowboy hat. When a bride has a photo request, my goodness I’m up for it! Most brides just tell me to do whatever I want but I like when a bride tells me her ideas too.

I loved every minute of Meghan and Ryan’s wedding day and I can’t wait to show you my favorites. Enjoy looking at their wedding day through my eyes.

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