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Baby Clive

May 1, 2012

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About 7 years ago, I started a part-time job at a clothing store named CATO. At the time I just wanted some extra cash to get ahead on my student loans and also some extra spending money for hanging out with friends. I didn’t expect to make so many friends and enjoy it so much. I have since moved on from there, but I’ve kept in touch with almost all the girls I used to work with.

Leah was one of the girls I met there and ever since we’ve been great friends. We both have grown up so much. She actually TOLD me I was taking her wedding photos. She didn’t ask, she pretty much told me that she wanted me to do it and wasn’t taking no for an answer. It was my first wedding I ever shot, so I owe a lot to her. She trusted me so much with her big day and that meant the world to me.

Leah and her husband Matt were married in 2010 and I told her I couldn’t wait for little ones to be running around their home soon. They laughed at that and said they wanted to enjoy married life for a while. You could imagine my surprise and excitement when Leah told me she was expecting! When a friend is expecting, you just get so excited and it’s baby talk for the next 9 months. She, again, told me that I WOULD be taking her baby pictures and she wasn’t taking no for an answer.

Last week I went over to Leah and Matt’s home and we started setting up for Clive’s newborn session. He wasn’t exactly newborn, he was about 3 weeks at the time. Once babies get over 10 days old they really start to uncurl and they’re awake more and move more. Clive DID NOT want his pictures taken at all. Typical man right there! His wanted his momma to hold him the whole time. Who can complain about that!!!! A first time momma loving on her baby who knows he has her wrapped around his little finger. Even though we didn’t get a whole lot of pictures of Clive by himself, we did get a lot of good family pictures. I can’t wait till he grows and starts to sit up on his own and walk around. I’ll be there to document ever step of the way. In the meantime, enjoy Clive as a sweet and precious newborn.

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