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What To Wear

September 6, 2012

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I get asked over and over again, “What should we wear to our session?” It’s the number one question I get and I always answer the same way, “Don’t be matchy-matchy.” The days of your whole family wearing a white or black shirt with a pair of jeans or khaki’s are over, well to me they are LOL. I like having my families match but not all wearing the same thing. It brings more visual interest to the photo and everyone can show their sense of style that way.

I came across these two photos from a photographer down in Texas. Her name is Kelly from Inspired By You Photography. You can visit her website here. She’s amazing and I love her work. It’s not overly edited. It’s natural and beautiful.

In the photo below you’ll see how the family matches but they’re not all wearing yellow shirts with blue jeans. They are mixing it up wearing different shades of yellow, navy and brown. When I saw this photo I just had to share it. It’s easier to SHOW you what I mean rather than TELL you. I even love how they used the antique boxes for the girls to stand on to get closer to their parents. It brings them all together.

I hope you all are having a wonderful Thursday.

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