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Dane + Marcea | Engaged

June 15, 2013

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I get asked often if I get nervous for photo shoots and weddings and my answer is always the same. YES! I may not show it the day of a scheduled session but deep down I’m terrified that I’m going to not expose properly or miss something. I always get ideas as I’m DRIVING HOME which is frustrating but for the most part I always leave a session feeling happy and excited to edit. I believe getting nervous is a good thing in this business and that was no exception yesterday when it was time to take Dane and Marcea’s engagement pictures. I was soooo nervous! Like the kind of nervous where I felt sick almost LOL. I wanted everything to be perfect. I think after the first few pictures I already had “money shots” and kept showing previews to Marcea’s sister, Leslie, who was there taking care of Dane and Marcea’s dog, Winston. Winston came along for the ride and was in a few of the pictures too. He was such a perfect dog and looked at the camera well. All 3 of them are so photogenic I tell you! Leslie and I kept saying how unfair it was that Dane and Marcea were just so darn cute ahhahaa. I think at one point Leslie said “it should be illegal to be that good looking!”

Marcea’s aunt lives on this AMAZING farm and that’s where we took the pictures at. I felt like I was at a location for summer camp! A beautiful lake and landscaping. It was seriously so cool and I asked if I could just move there! It’s such a happy place and it’s where Marcea and her family spent a lot of time when they were kids. It’s no wonder it was the location of choice or the session.

I had such a hard time choosing favorites but here you go. It’s such an honor to show you this amazing couple. Enjoy!

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  1. The pictures turned out AMAZING!! You did a fantastic job!

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