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Candace | 2014 Senior

June 19, 2013

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Meet Candace!

Candace is a sweet girl who I met last year when her friend was getting her senior portraits taken. A few months ago Candace and I started talking about her session and the idea of going to St. Louis appealed to her. I will never turn down a chance to shoot in the city, so I was up for it. I had a couple places I wanted to take her but she had some ideas of her own. This past Sunday, we made our way to St. Louis with her mom and sister and the first place I wanted to take her was The Muny. The past couple of years I’ve had season tickets but this year I opted not to, just simply because I don’t have the time like I would like. Next year I’m changing that! Since I had been there so much in the past I knew it was beautiful and I always hoped I would do a session there. I did do a session there a few weeks ago, but it was raining and the weather was crappy and it was for prom. Those pictures turned out amazing even with the weather so I knew that taken Candace there on a beautiful sunny day was going to be amazing too. The pillars and lighting feature that hangs at the ticket office at The Muny are stunning and it’s why I love it so much. Candace loved it too. The rest of the day was spent down by the Arch, Kiener Plaza, some alley’s down on the landing and the final spot was a first for me. I’ve seen other photographers take clients to this place but I never knew where it was. But thanks to my good friend Sandra she came across it and sent me a FB message with the address and how awesome it looked. Thank you Sandra so much! And if any of you are in the city and need a fabulous photographer, go check her out. She’s a photographer too! Her website is linked above on her name.

The place I’m talking about is the Roberts Orpheum Theater. Well, it’s not inside the theater, it’s outside of it. It’s so awesome and urban/modern. The light hits this area so perfectly!!! I’d love to take a bride and groom there some day (hint, hint to all you St. Louis brides). I’m so glad that Candace was up for going to a new location with me because it totally paid off. I’m so happy with how her pictures turned out and I can’t wait to show you my favorites. Enjoy!

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