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Jason + Heather | A Classic Church Wedding In Chester, Illinois

September 27, 2013

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I love meeting new people. I’ve always been that type of person who is comfortable around anyone and  I get along with everyone pretty much. But then you meet some people who you just naturally hit it off with and you become instant friends. That’s how I feel about Jason and Heather. A few months ago when we met for their engagement session, we instantly clicked and they were so much fun. They have amazing personalities and they’re so much fun to hang around with. I even tagged along on their bachelor/bachelorette party. They have the craziest group of friends and there’s never a dull moment when you’re around them. I just knew that their wedding day was going to be nothing short of an amazing time and I was right.

Last Friday night, I made my way to Chester to Jason and Heather’s rehearsal. I don’t normally go to the rehearsals but after talking with Heather for an hour and a half a week before the wedding I decided that it would maybe help if I were there. She was nervous about everything going smoothly, as most brides are, but I kept assuring her that everything would go perfectly. When Saturday morning came around and met up with the girls at the salon, you could tell that she was finally ready to let loose and enjoy the day. I know it’s hard for brides not to stress about details but in the end, all that matters is that their man is standing at the end of that isle and they are surrounded by all their family and friends.

The bridal party were all dressed in black and the groomsmen wore Chuck Taylors. It’s always a nice touch with the guys do that. It shows their personalities and they are comfortable which in return loosens them up for pictures. Since they all practically knew me at this point, pictures went perfectly and I couldn’t have asked more from them. The bridesmaids were fabulous as always, dressed in their 1-shoulder black dresses with jewelry given to them by Heather. Jason’s mother did all the floral arrangements and I’m still amazed at how amazing they were.  She had flowers EVERYWHERE at that reception and plants around the entrance. Simply beautiful.

Jason and Heather, I’m so glad that we’ve become such great friends during this process and I’m so glad that you chose me to be the one to capture your big day. I hope your wedding day was everything that you dreamed it would be. It was nothing short of amazing and I’m so happy for you two. I wish you guys all the best in your new life together as one.

Heather’s beautiful hair done by Leslie at J & L’s Salon in Sparta, IL

Heather, you’re stunning and that dress was meant for you!

Loved the sash that she wore with her dress.


The cars that the bridal party. Pretty AWESOME!

This was the car that Jason and Heather rode in.

I love it when the groom cries 🙂 Don’t hate me for posting this Jason LOL. And Heather’s son Kaden walked her down the isle. So cute!

Pastor dropped the rings. Priceless!

LOVE this one!

Jason and Heather wanted fun pics at the Salty Dawg Inc. Bar & Grill…. so that’s what we did. Turned out pretty great!

Reception time about to begin!!!! Check out all these details.

No cake, but LOTS of cupcakes. They were FABULOUS!

They started out being nice while feeding each other the wedding cake (or cupcakes in this case)…

…then Heather did this! That’s my girl!!!! Too funny.

First dance as man and wife!

You can’t fake this much happiness! Love how happy you look in this picture Heather.

Kaden dancing with his momma. Adorable.

Notice how all the guys start together for the garter toss.

As we counted down they started to part right down the middle.

Men RUN from that thing LOL.

But the females, they get excited!

And they attack for that bouquet!

Last pic of the night for me was when the DJ made an announcement that Jason’s grandmother had knee surgery just so that she would have a dance with Jason on his wedding day. HOW PRECIOUS! And that’s what she did. She moved around that dance floor like it was a piece of cake!

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