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Todd + Beth | Chester/Rockwood, IL Wedding

December 13, 2013

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Happy Friday the 13th everyone! I’m nearing an end to my 2013 wedding season and with only 1 wedding left (tomorrow) I’m feeling a little bitter sweet. I’m very much looking forward to the holidays and spending some much needed time with my family but at the same time I absolutely love taking pictures and it’ll be hard to sit indoors all winter long and wait till my spring weddings start back up.

But today’s post isn’t about me, it’s about Todd and Beth and their wedding they shared with family and friends a couple of weeks ago. It was such a beautiful day. I first met up with Beth and her bridesmaids at her parent’s home (which was fabulous) and that’s where Beth had her hair and makeup done and where the girls got ready. Her sisters stood by and watched as their mother zipped Beth up into her wedding gown. Then they helped her with the finishing touches and it was time to head off to the church. Todd was already at the church with his groomsmen and they had been waiting for a while. Not gonna lie, we were a tad bit behind but not much. It takes girls a long time to look good you know! Especially on a wedding day.
After portraits with the bridal party and a few of Todd and Beth individually, it was time for Beth to head down the isle. It was a full catholic ceremony, my first I’ve ever shot, and it was beautiful. The church was filled to the brim with guests and it was so exciting when they were finally announced as HUSBAND and WIFE!
The reception was held at Todd and Beth’s home in their huge shed they built. It was the first time ever shooting a reception in a shed but I gotta admit I liked it. That thing was packed full of family and friends and they all know how to have a good time. 
It was a fabulous day. Now you’ll notice that there aren’t a whole lot of pics of Todd and Beth below but they decided that they wanted to wait till spring and do more portraits. Since daylight is limited in the fall/winter months it’s just harder to fit everything in and not be rushed. Beth didn’t want to be rushed. She wanted to enjoy her wedding day and that’s exactly what she did. I’m very much looking forward to spring when I can take more pictures of these two. Enjoy my favorites from their wedding day!

Beth, you are gorgeous!

Something blue…. Beth’s toes 🙂


I love that they all had different dresses that matched their personality.

Could this pic be any cuter???

LOVE this pic of Todd shaking hands with Beth’s father.

Love this! Beth’s idea and it cracks me up.

Reception time!!!

Beth is a bit blurry in this pic but it’s hilarious!

These next few pics totally crack me up. Girl’s really get in to the bouquet toss LOL.

Please notice the groomsmen to Beth’s right LOL. His facial expressions are hilarious.

And as you can see here, guys don’t move for the garter LOL. He just reached up and grabbed it.

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