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Heath + Cortney | White Wedding

December 29, 2013

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A couple of weeks ago, we were hit with a lot of snow. Before the snow came ice and sleet and it was a huge mess. When Heath and Cortney planned their wedding, they probably didn’t plan on snow being a potential threat to their wedding day plans. The only thing that kept running through my mind the morning I drove over to Du Quoin was the song by Billy Idol… White Wedding. I’m not gonna lie, I sang and rocked out to that song as I made the trip over.

The reception hall was my first stop. Detail shots are so important to get because they are usually handmade by the bride and her family or they were at least set up by the families themselves. Heath and Cortney decorated the hall along with their bridal party and families the night before… but with one issue to deal with. With all the ice and snow, the legion hall was beginning to leak inside in a few places. When I walked in Saturday morning, they still had buckets and tubs sitting around catching water. Luckily by the time the reception started, the water had stopped leaking and the reception went off without a hitch.

After detail shots at the hall, I made my way to Heath and Cortney’s family cabin. I keep the story short by telling you that it’s in the country, a lane that was covered in snow and slush and yes my car got stuck at the cabin. Good thing Heath had a bunch of groomsmen to push me out LOL.

The day was fabulous and I have so many other memories that I could share but this blog post would be way too long. I’m so honored that Heath and Cortney wanted me to capture their big day and I hope they realize just how lucky they were to have snow on their wedding day. Not many people in our area can have that because winters here are hit and miss. Cortney LOVES the snow so she got her wish and I’m so happy for her.  Enjoy looking through a LOT of my favorites from their big day.

Heath sent Cortney some beautiful flowers!!!

Cortney, you looked stunning in that dress! Loved it.

Cortney wanted the bridal party apart of her and Heath’s “first look”.


Had to post this one Cort… don’t kill me! It cracks me up.

Probably my favorite bridal party pic of the day! So pretty!

Time for the ceremony to begin. But first, a few detail shots of the church.


So cute!

LOVE this picture!

Cortney wanted me BEHIND the pastor for the “first kiss”. Definitely a first for me.

And they danced down the isle after being announced husband and wife 🙂

A trip to the local bar means that this happens.

And this….

The reception!

I’ve never loved so many “first dance” pictures in my life. LOVE all of these.


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  1. Cari Cleppe says:

    All of these are beautiful! A perfect start for a perfect couple!

  2. Kacey, you do such a WONDERFUL job capturing the emotion in such an amazing family & couple.. or any picture for that matter. You have grown in your photography these last couple of years, and even though I have yet to meet you, I want you to know I enjoy looking at your pictures and seeing what you are going to pull off next! I can only hope to be half the photographer you are! Keep up the amazing work! You go girl!!!!

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