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2013 Year End Review | Seniors

January 2, 2014

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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Yeah, I’m a day late in telling you all that but I took the first day of the new year and organized my house, cleaned, napped and played with my cat. I sat around and reflected on 2013 and it’s again time to make new resolutions for 2014. On the personal end, it’s always the same (focus on health, save more money, etc.) but on the business side of things the one goal I have is to blog more! Not just sessions, but life in general. I hate that sometimes I wait a week or longer to post something. I don’t want to be MIA on my own blog. The other changes coming to my business is a fresh new blog design (if I can figure out WordPress and how to import a theme I want) and my website redesign. I’m slowing working on both and I hope to have those finished sometime before my wedding start up in March.

As I reflected back on 2013, I started doing the numbers.  I shot 26 senior sessions, 47 family sessions, 26 engagement sessions and 20 weddings. I also took pictures of a baby being born, maternity pictures for the momma of that baby, proms and other events and not to mention numbers sports photos for Steeleville High School. I did all this while working part time at the local newspaper and coaching a cheerleading squad. I think I work better when I’m busy instead of having a lot of free time. My biggest goal for my self in 2014 is to focus on me more. I don’t do down time very well and I get bored easy. I need to realize that it’s okay to just lay around the house and do nothing!

This first 2013 review post is on my seniors. I had 26 seniors come my way and I’m so excited to show you my favorites from their sessions. They are posted in alpha order and it was very hard choosing 2-4 favorites to show. I wanted to keep the post somewhat short and manageable.

Happy 2014! Stay safe, happy and healthy.

Alex A. – Class of 2013

Alex G. – Class of 2013

Amber – Class of 2014

Andy – Class of 2014

Austin – Class of 2014

Brianna – Class of 2013

Brooklin – Class of 2014

Caleb – Class of 2014

Candace – Class of 2014

Chloe – Class of 2014

Curry – Class of 2014

Dava – Class of 2014

Desirae – Class of 2014

Grant – Class of 2014

Jenny – Class of 2013

Jessica – Class of 2014

Kathryn – Class of 2013

Kayla – Class of 2014

Kenny – Class of 2014

Kristen – Class of 2014

Kyle – Class of 2014

Mackenzie – Class of 2014

Sarah – Class of 2013

Shane – Class of 2014

Taylor S. – Class of 2014

Taylor T. – Class of 2014

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