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Brent + Savannah | Traditional Peacock Wedding

May 23, 2014

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I love peacocks! They are so unique and beautiful. Maybe it’s because my favorite color is purple. Maybe it’s because I’m loud like them LOL. I love when they have their tails up and spread out. So many beautiful colors and so regal. For many many years, I thought that I wanted a peacock themed wedding. Now it’s not like I’m anywhere close to getting married but when you’re a graphic designer/photographer, your wedding day gets thought about a lot. My ideas have changed for my big day but it was the exactly idea that Brent and Savannah thought of for wedding. When I learned that they were having a peacock themed wedding I immediately got excited. Blues and purples were going to be everywhere and they are such good colors to photograph.

The morning of the wedding I met up with Savannah and the girls at a bed and breakfast right across from the church the wedding was being held ad. Savannah was almost ready to get into her dress so I quickly jumped at getting the detail shots. One of the details was her custom-made veil she got off of She got to pick the lace and everything. When she was fully ready, it was time to head over to the church for some pictures before the ceremony. The ceremony took place at the Ste. Genevieve Catholic Church in Ste. Genevieve, MO. It was amazing and so royal feeling. It was a full catholic ceremony and to be honest, it was beautiful and refreshing. It’s been a while since I had been to a ceremony like that.

After the ceremony it was time for more portraits and time to head towards to Chester, IL to the reception, but there was a slight issue. The limo service NEVER showed up and we were stranded. We ended up fitting the bridal party into 2 mini vans and my car but it was still super stressful at first to know that something you planned on didn’t show up. It was even paid for IN FULL so that was the other problem. I pray that Brent and Savannah finally got ahold of someone with their company they used and got their money back.

The limo service was the only thing that went wrong the whole day. It was an amazing day and I had so much fun. I’m so excited to show you my favorites from their wedding because they are fantastic. And I want to give a huge shout out to my friend and 2nd shooter, Stephanie Lerch from Stephanie Lerch Photography. She was able to help give me different views for the ceremony and I loved how they turned out.

Right before she walked down the isle. Thank you Stephanie for getting these shots!

Silhouette shots by Stephanie! LOVE them.

LOL Brent had some red lipstick on him.

Trying to get ahold of the limo serviceā€¦..

We had one stop to make before heading to the reception. Brent’s dad passed away a few years ago and they wanted to go pay him a visit on their wedding day. So sweet.

Brent and Savannah took dancing lessons! It was pretty awesome. Like Dancing With The Stars awesome!

A little dip at the end.

Doing “the Bernie” with Savannah’s uncle Bernie! It was EPIC!

Then Savannah’s grandmother requested her favorite song!!!!

Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Leppard. Here she is rocking out with her guitar! It was pretty fabulous too.

Credits coming soon!

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