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Adam + Jessie | Fishing Engagement Session

May 28, 2014

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I’m sure this happens to everyone, but do you ever find yourself around young adults that you used to babysit or see them a lot because they were a sibling to someone your age? I don’t even know if I described that correctly but you have to know what I mean when I say it just doesn’t seem possible to see certain people getting married or graduating from high school/college. That’s how I feel about Jessie! I’ve known Jessie for quite some time now. She’s the youngest of 3 sisters and I went to school with her sister, Katie. Jessie was always around at her sister’s sporting events and I can still remember her as a little girl. When she contacted me saying that she was engaged and wanted me to be her wedding photographer I had this strange urge to ask her “how old are you?” LOL. It just didn’t seem possible that she was old enough to be getting married. 

I actually met her fiancé Adam this past Christmas when I was helping their church decorate for the holidays. He was getting this HUGE ladder out so we could decorate the tree. We got to talking about their engagement session and that they wanted something in the summer because Jessie would be finished with college by then (she just graduated – whoop whoop). They asked me my thoughts on a fishing themed session and I just knew our time was going to be amazing. I responded with something like, “um…. YES, that would be fantastic and so unique and I already have lots of ideas!” 
I met them at the very spot they go fishing at all the time and just up the hill is a ton of goats and other animals. It was such an amazing day and at the end of the session Adam actually went IN THE LAKE with his clothes on and held Jessie for a quick picture. Now don’t worry, he was only in from the knee down but it was still cool to see. Gotta love PINTEREST!
I have so many great shots and what I love the most is that these pictures show their personalities so well and how much fun they have together. I couldn’t have asked for a better day or a better couple. Enjoy looking through my favorites from their uniquely AWESOME fishing themed engagement session.

Jessie…. stunning is all that comes to mind!

LOVE the golden light coming though.

2 less fish in the sea….

Awe…. gotta love dogs! Izzy loved having her picture taken too, and playing with the goats!

Probably one of my TOP favorites from their session.

They got photobombed by a goat… and liked it!

A family of 3 soon to be.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Awesome photos! Great job Kacey! Peggy Henson

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