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Zach + Brittany | Belleville, IL Engagement Session

May 29, 2014

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it’s a full week of engagement blog posts and I’m loving it! The weather has been absolutely wonderful and as a photographer who shoots 90% of her photos OUTSIDE it’s been a blessing not to have to deal with rain with as many sessions as I’ve been having lately. I’ll be coming into some weeks that are slow so I’m trying to stay caught up as much as possible in the meantime.

I’m excited to introduce you all to Zach and Brittany. Brittany is another bride of mine that I’ve known practically my whole life. We go to the same church and grew up together in the same school system in the same small town. Did you catch all the “small talk” aahahaha. At least I crack myself up. Anywho, since we grew up in the small town, I’ve known her and her family really well and I’ve been waiting for the day for Brittany to show up with a ring on her finger. I was so excited to hear she was finally engaged and I couldn’t be happier that she and Zach have chosen me to be the one to capture their big day.

We have actually planned their engagement session like 3 times but life just gets in the way sometimes and rescheduling just has to happen. This past Saturday, we finally made it together for their session and it was a beautiful morning for pictures. They followed me to Belleville, IL and we went to an older part of town with man-made brick roads and older homes. The streets there are amazing and I’ve used them many times before. I also took them to a parking garage, which I have also used before. Every location is different in their own way with each new client. I loved how all of their pictures turned out and it was so darn hard to pick favorites for this blog post. I know I say that for all of my clients but it’s so true. It’s just because I have amazing clients.

Happy Thursday! Only one more day till the weekend!

How cute are they?


You all know I’m loving these 2 pics. Purple overload!

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