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The Power of Posing

June 4, 2014

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Happy Hump Day to all of you guys! I hope you’re all having a wonderful week so far. Don’t worry…. the weekend is just around the corner!

I just hit my 4 year anniversary of staring my business (crazy) and I’m always telling people how to pose and giving them tips and moving them around. I don’t really do a good job of explaining why though. In the end, my clients trust me and they usually do whatever I tell them to LOL. Lately, I’ve been trying to explain WHY I have girls rest their weight on their back legs rather than the front leg. It’s common for everyone to rest their weight on the front leg, even when taking a selfie. Even I do it. But I have to constantly remind myself to rest all my weight on the BACK leg. It’s hard to explain so I finally had a girl at one of my mini sessions pose for me (thanks Brooke).

You can see in the picture below that she’s standing wrong. She has her weight on the FRONT leg and her bottom half is angled toward the camera. When you point your bottom half at the camera, it will appear bigger than what it really is. It’s just unflattering.

Now, look at the picture below. Her weight is resting on the BACK leg and hips are AWAY from the camera. She instantly dropped like 10 pounds and she looks leaner and longer in the mid section. It works on EVERYONE… I PROMISE!

Here are both of the photos together side by side. It’s way easier to see the difference. Go ahead, I give you all permission to go practice in front of a mirror. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me. The next time you’re taking pictures, even a selfie, practice standing like this and I promise you you’ll love every picture this way.

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