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Samantha | 2015 Red Bud High School Senior

July 24, 2014

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When I was told one of the locations that Samantha wanted to use for her senior session, I knew hands down it was going to be one of my favorite senior sessions I’ver ever shot. Samantha told me that her main location of choice was in St. Louis at the City Museum. I was in shock! I mean, who goes into a public museum and take senior portraits… especially with TONS of people around! It takes a certain personality to do that and Sam definitely has that personality. But then she threw me for a loop. She also wanted to get into some water… maybe even lay in it! So I had to put my thinking cap on and think of locations from here to St. Louis that we could get into some water. Luckily, she wanted a few country-type settings too so I knew exactly where to take her. Our first stop was in Maeystown. It had water and country settings and the light was absolutely gorgeous. When it was time for Sam to sit in the water she just totally went for it. It was super cold but she didn’t care. As long as her hair didn’t get wet she was willing to do anything. They turned out quite amazing and I’m so thrilled to have a senior who was ready to go to the next level and do something none of her friends have done.

We did decide to go to a few places in the city before ending up at the City Museum. I wasn’t sure exactly how busy it would be and wanted to make sure we got plenty of pictures just in case it wasn’t what she had in mind. Turns out, it was probably one of the busiest days they’ve had all summer! I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many people there but we just made our way through and people were actually really nice about letting us get pictures. I can’t even begin to tell you how awesome that place is and I would love to go there when school starts back up and it’s not so busy. If any of you seniors are reading this… take note. Choose locations that mean something to you and show your personality. Step outside your box a little bit and you’ll be surprised at the outcome. Don’t just follow what all of your friends are doing. Be unique!

I had a hard time choosing favorites from this session so be prepared to look through a lot. Enjoy!


Look at those legs! So jealous LOL.

These black/white photos are fabulous!

The rest of the photos below are at the City Museum. Amazing!

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