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Mason + Samantha | Blue Lagoon Engagement Session

July 25, 2014

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I’m so excited about introducing you to this amazing couple, Mason and Samantha. I met Samantha first at a meeting we scheduled to discuss the wedding and engagement session. We literally talked for an hour or more and I learned so much about how they met and how Mason proposed. Mason even custom designed Samantha’s ring! Apparently Mason is a little shy and Sam told me that he was nervous about the engagement session, as like most of my grooms are. I told her not to worry. When I met up with them this past Sunday, I could definitely tell that he was a bit nervous. I don’t think it took him very long to get in the groove of things though. We were in the most beautiful location ever! Samantha’s grandparents have this amazing home and property in Rockwood and it’s the location that Mason and Sam will be getting married at next year. It was a dream!!!! There was a beautiful creek and bridge (where the ceremony will take place) and then up the hill was this gorgeous blue lake with a fountain in the middle and pergola to the east. It was the golden hour that photographers speak of and the light almost brought tears to my eyes. I just kept shooting and shooting and could have kept on shooting pictures of those two! I’m pretty sure I told Mason like a million times that he was a natural and he definitely has the “nuzzle” pose down! I love seeing the grooms open up and get comfortable in front of my camera.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

Mason designed this ring…… awesome job!

The blue lagoon!!!!! Amazing!

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