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New Office (Before Pics)

July 30, 2014

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I moved into my house almost a year ago (I rent) and I always had every intention of turning the extra bedroom into an office. An official office! I’ve never had an office. I work on my couch LOL. I’ve been a photographer for over 4 years now and I’ve had a desk but it’s been in a living room where I don’t have a lot of room and distractions everywhere. I’ve always dreamed of a place where I could go “work” and be in a girly space. Since I rent, I didn’t think I wanted to do all the work and spend money on something I would only be in temporarily. Well…. the last few months I’ve decided to just do it! Here are 2 reasons why:

1.) My neck and back are killing me from editing on the couch. Seriously, my chiropractor sees me way too much during wedding season!

2.) I want a bright and airy space that’s girly where I can go to every day and “work” and then leave it. Working from home may sound great to you all but it’s hard to focus when you work on the couch and all you want to do is watch TV or take a nap LOL. Having an actual work space to go to will be so nice and organized.

So here is the spare bedroom. Yes, my desk is in there but so is everything else that I own and not currently using. The bed is coming out since it’s so old and the mattress is so old it should be illegal to have it in my possession LOL. The striped poofs from Target are eventually going in to my living room but that will be another day. I’ll be posting updates through the process so stay tuned for those! I cannot wait to get this project going!

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