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Photography Classes | DSLR Basics

August 4, 2014

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I’ve been getting emails and Facebook messages from people for the last couple years asking if I would ever be interested in teaching them how to use their cameras. I honestly never thought I would because teaching isn’t for everyone and I don’t really feel like it’s my strength to teach. But after giving it some thought I decided to give it a chance.

This first time around, I wanted to space out classes into 4 separate days, an hour each, to not make it so overwhelming. When I originally asked on Facebook what everyone was interested in (if I ever decided to do it) most responded with having a class once a month or twice a month. Honestly, I just didn’t think that was doable. Think about it…. I spend an hour one day teaching one thing, then a month goes by and I see everyone again and they forgot everything I talked about before. I didn’t want to recap and fall behind. So, this first set of classes are once a week for a month.

I’m excited to say that 5 lovely ladies signed up and one will be coming next week since she couldn’t make the first one with family being in town. I’m glad only a small amount wanted to do this so I can get my feet wet first with this whole teaching thing. This first class started off with learning what Aperture was and how to exposure photos property while in Aperture Priority Mode. Doesn’t sound like much but there’s a bit to know about those 2 things. I could see “lightbulb” moments going off on a couple of the faces and it was so great to see. We ended the class by going outside to practice. That’s the number one rule to learning your camera… you have to go out and shoot! I took each one individually and helped them get going and then I made one of them stand and model while the others practiced on them. It was so much fun and they all enjoyed finally getting off of “auto mode.”

If any of you are interested in coming to one of these classes in the future (hopefully this winter I’ll have 2 classes) I’ll be trying something different in having 4 hours classes all in one day. I’ll keep you all posted on this later.

Hope you all have a fabulous week.

– KC

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