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Michael + Becky | A St. Louis Engagement

June 9, 2016

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In the summer of 2002, I was working at a publishing company as a graphic designer. I had only been there 6 months but at the time they were wanting to bring in some summer interns to help out with the work load. They asked for a few of us to take on one night a week to stay with the interns and train them, etc. Well that’s when I met Becky. She was pretty quiet and shy but she was a great designer and it really didn’t take her long to figure out the whole process. We quickly became friends and we’ve been friends ever since.

I’ve seen her go through different relationships these past 14 years, but none of them have been anything near what her and Michael have. When Michael came into her life, you could see a spark that was ignited in her. Something changed in her, for the better. She told me numerous times that this was the man she was going to marry and I didn’t doubt her for one minute. On Friday, April 29, I received a text message from her with two photos attached. One of a wine bottle that said “Will you marry me?” and the other was her hand with her beautiful ring. She didn’t even have to type anything! That spoke for itself and she’s been so so happy ever since. 
I’ve only been around Michael a few times but I can honestly say that he is the sweetest guy ever and he treats Becky like a queen. He literally just stops and stares at her all the time and then leans over to tell me how beautiful she looks. He told me that he couldn’t believe how lucky he was to have her in his life!!! 
Michael and Becky are getting married in August… yes August, of this year! When you want to get married in St. Louis and ever venue is booked till next summer, but then someone cancels, you TAKE IT! I’m so excited for their big day. Enjoy looking through my favorites from my time with them during their engagement session.
We started the day off with a stop at Busch Stadium. No big deal LOL.

Love this!

Michael and Becky met while working at KPMG. And they go for drinks with work friends a lot to the 360ยบ Bar. So this was sort of a perfect spot for a few pics. Plus… we got a drink or two waiting for the sun to set more.

The City Garden was so much fun to shoot at. Definitely plan on going back some time.

How cute are they!!!???!

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