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Josh + Cassie | Coral & Ivory Summer Wedding, Chester, IL

August 7, 2017

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You all probably remember a couple weeks ago when we were in a heat advisory. Yep, that’s the weekend that Josh and Cassie had their wedding. It was like 110 degrees that day (in the shade). In the weeks leading up to the wedding, the timeline and locations for where we would take photos changed a few times. Josh and Cassie had a very large bridal party and when it’s that hot outside, you have to stay close to the A/C. So I made the final decision to just stay at the church and I’d make sure I could do pictures of Josh with his groomsmen and Cassie with her bridesmaids somewhere nearby. Luckily (because I did a Google maps street view search), I saw there was shade near the church. YAY! The bridal party cooperated quickly and we didn’t have to stay outside much before the ceremony. The last thing you want is to be a sweaty mess as you walk down the isle 😉 After the ceremony, we took Josh and Cassie’s portraits and the full bridal party portraits at the Covered Bridge (not the actual bridge, the trees around it) and it quickly became a new favorite spot of mine. The trees and lighting were absolutely perfect AND a breeze started to flow which didn’t make portrait time that terrible. 
I took home so many memories from this wedding, as I do all my weddings. But I have to tell you about 2 of my favorites. One of my favorite memories was during the ceremony. Patty, Cassie’s mother, wrote a beautiful song that Cassie had no idea about. It was a surprise and it was sung by Cassie’s aunt Joli. It was such a sweet song and I don’t think there was a dry eye in the church! I literally was hoping that the photos I was getting were in focus because I was tearing up so much. My other favorite memory of the day involved Cassie’s sisters. If you know Tiffany and Andrea then you know that something crazy and memorable was going to happen at this wedding. They had worked on a skit to surprise Cassie and Josh and it was seriously the best thing I’ve ever seen. Cassie, may or may not, be slightly obsessed with T-rex dinosaurs. So her sisters dressed up in these blown up T-rex costumes and each of them carried a flag, one for Steeleville Warriors and the other for Chester Yellowjackets. Cassie went to Steeleville and Josh went to Chester and it’s a constant battle between the two. Well, the T-rex’s had a battle and you can’t have a battle without Hulk Hogan. Okay, so the real Hulk Hogan wasn’t there, but it was still pretty awesome. Everyone got a kick out of it, especially Cassie and Josh and the photos are so darn funny. Definitely a night to remember.
I hope you all have a wonderful week. It may only be Monday but the weekend will be here before you know it. Until then, enjoy looking through my favorites from Josh and Cassie’s beautiful coral wedding. 

First look with dad… always a sweet moment 🙂

Cassie…. you are BEAUTIFUL!

Cassie and her sisters.

Cassie, her sisters and her nieces.

Some ceremony details.


High school besties.

They even have matching tattoos!

College besties!

I love that Josh and Cassie’s dog, MacGyver, was in this shot! I swear this dog smiles.

Most photogenic dog goes to….. MACGYVER.

I love like every single photo of these two. And the lighting was perfect.

Some reception details…


Cassie showing off her ring. Love this!!!

It started out nice…

Then Josh got a little crazy!

Great speeches made by the MOH’s and best man.

First dance as HUSBAND and WIFE.

Josh doing tricks in the middle of the mother/son dance LOL.

And then this happened….

Cassie’s sisters dressed in these t-rex costumes and battled. Steeleville Warriors (Cassie) vs. Chester Yellowjackets (Josh).

It wouldn’t be a showdown without the Hulk Hogan!

There are no words….

Josh and Cassie had to switch flags for the other’s team. They’re married now… so they have to love everything about each other LOL.

Toke Josh and Cassie out behind the legion for a few more bridal portraits before my coverage ended for the night. So glad we had time for this because some of these pictures are my favorites from the whole day.

I suggested that we get a couple “fun” photos and told Cassie to get on Josh’s back for piggyback pictures.

Well let’s just say that Cassie came in pretty hot and they both fell down and we all laughed for like 5 straight minutes. It was hilarious LOL.

They finally got it, though.

It’s a little blurry, but just look at that face.

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