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Anthony + Bree | Black, White + Silver Wedding | Chester, IL

August 13, 2017

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When a girl gets engaged, the wedding planning begins and the expectations start to form on how the big day will go. Flowers, music, photography, venue and catering all get booked among a ton of other things. Timelines get discussed and plans for the big day are finally set and before you know it the big day arrives. For Anthony and Bree, the timeline and plans changed on them the week before the wedding due to Bree’s grandfather being ill and in the hospital. Bree is super close to her grandfather and since he couldn’t make it to the wedding, she asked if I’d be okay going to the hospital with her to get pictures with him after the ceremony. Obviously that’s something that I wouldn’t miss for anything! Since that was going to take up some portrait time, she was willing to sacrifice some of the photos from that day (if that were to happen) and that just shows the kind of person that Bree is. Family is so important and you can’t get that time back. On the morning of their wedding, Bree also found out that her grandmother had fallen the night before (after visiting her grandfather at the hospital) and hurt her foot. Her grandmother wasn’t able to be at the wedding ether. Talk about an emotional roller coaster! Not only did we make a trip to the hospital for pictures, we also made our way over to their house for Bree to see her grandmother. It was so sweet meeting her grandmother and hearing her talk about Bree as a little girl. She talked about how Bree, as a little girl, would come running in to see her at her hair salon (that was located right next to her home) to see what clients she’d be working on that particular day. Bree lived across the street from her grandparents so they grew very close to each other through the years.

As for Anthony, well he has the biggest heart out of any person I’ve ever met. The way he loves Bree and spoils her is something straight out of a fairytale. Bree is truly his princess and he showered her with gifts and love on their wedding day. You’ll see all the thoughtful gifts he planned for her below. He couldn’t keep his eyes of his bride all day and every chance he got, he was telling people how beautiful she looked and just grinned from ear to ear. Anthony wasn’t the only one showering gifts. Bree also spoiled Anthony with some gifts she had planned. A gorgeous new black watch and then a gift for his eyes only! She surprised him with a photo album before the ceremony and lets just say that he liked it VERY MUCH!

It was such a wonderful day and I honestly can’t be more honored to have been a part of it all. Not all wedding days go perfect and when things come up that knock the day off it’s planned course, you just have to go with the flow and just enjoy every minute as it comes. Anthony and Bree’s day might not have gone 100% as planned, but I know that when the night ended, they were happy to just call each other HUSBAND and WIFE! Enjoy looking through some of my favorites from their beautiful black. white and silver wedding.

P.S. Those sequin bridesmaids dresses were to die for!!! I loved all the bling!

 The boys giving Anthony a gift from their mom.

Here comes the second gift….

As you can see, he was VERY happy with what the album was 🙂

Nothing sweeter than your best friend helping you get into your wedding gown.

Awe… mom and her baby girl!

And let the gift giving begin for Bree!

Anthony had his vows engraved in glass, so that Bree could keep them forever.

He also made a scrapbook of their lives together… which plenty of empty pages to keep adding to.

He also had a picture created with both of their last names and the year that they met, along with the year they were married. As a graphic designer, this gift was pretty darn cool in my eyes! So thoughtful.

And the best for last. A black and white diamond bracelet. SWOON!

Cutest flower girl ever!



Getting ready to see grandpa…

I’m happy to say that grandma is doing MUCH better 🙂

Bree… there are no words. You are stunning!

LOVE this picture so much!

They look good in every photo!

A favorite for sure!


Visiting with grandma.

Grandma was a beautician for over 20 years, so naturally she wanted to see Bree’s hair 🙂 So sweet.

Some reception details.

Some pretty great speeches from the MOH and best men.

First dance as HUSBAND and WIFE!

Their DJ pops party cannons during the couple’s first dance. It was pretty awesome!

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