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Mike + Jenny | SIUE Gardens Engagement Session, Edwardsville, IL

August 18, 2017

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Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you all have amazing weekend plans. Tonight I have big plans of staying in and catching up on Netflix series while completing a few projects around the new house. I’ll be pretending I’m sitting somewhere pretty enjoying a glass of wine, but I have to get my air vent covers painted… sorry dad! I keep putting it off and it NEEDS to be done. I’m not going to bed until all of them are finished.

But before I start painting, I have to get this blog post up because it’s pretty darn fabulous. I’d like you all to meet Mike and Jenny. They recently booked me for their 2018 wedding and I’m so excited! After spending two hours for their engagement session together, I’m confident in saying that these two are down right perfect for each other. All couples have their way of interacting and how they communicate with each other I loved watching Mike and Jenny throughout their session. Mike would say something funny and that would make Jenny laugh, heck I would laugh too and sometimes I’d make Jenny do the ‘fake laugh’ pose and then that really got them going. It’s my goal to make sure couples have a good time during their session and I’m pretty sure they did. If you’re not having fun at your portrait sessions (whether it’s with me or someone else) then you need to find yourselves a new photographer LOL.

Mike and Jenny’s engagement session took place at the gardens on the SIUE campus. If you’ve never been there before, do yourself a favor and go and just walk around. It’s so beautiful! When the session was almost finished, Jenny called her mother to tell her that she could make her way to the gardens. Mike and Jenny have two dogs, both coonhounds and they warned me that they were very loud dogs and that they were a little crazy. I kid you not, when the car turned into the garden entrance (you couldn’t see the entrance from where we were waiting in the lot), we could hear the dogs coming! They were howling and barking and the windows to the car were NOT even rolled down! That’s how loud they were and it was awesome! They may be the craziest and most hyper dogs that I’ve had in front of my camera, but they calmed down eventually and did amazing. I now want a coonhound but I’m pretty sure my Huck (my cat) would attack it in it’s sleep! Huck would not be happy!

But I am definitely happy with how these photos turned out and I’m so exited for you to see my favorites from my time with Mike, Jenny and their two lovable dogs. Have an amazing weekend!

Love these two pics!

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