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Alex + Allison | Thorncrown Chapel Wedding, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

November 21, 2017

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When I found out that Alex and Allison were getting married at the Thorncrown Chapel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, it seriously knocked me off my feet. I had to sit down. I looked at the photos of that place and immediately started thinking of photo ideas. Most weddings sneak up on me and the year flies by, but this wedding seemed to NEVER get here. I feel like I was looking forward to this day just as much as Alex and Allison were 😉

I made my way down to Eureka Springs the day before and it was a pretty nice drive. If you know me, then you know I love to sing and it was pretty much a 6 hour concert in my car. It was dark by the time I arrived so I woke up early the next day so I could drive around the town and get ideas for photo locations. Eureka Springs is the cutest little town and as I made my way up the hill to the chapel, I was in awe. It was so darn beautiful. Just sitting there in the middle of the woods. After a few minutes in the chapel, and a prayer, I made my way to the salon where Allison and her girls were getting ready. We decided that the best place for portraits (before the ceremony) would take place by the location that Alex and Allison were staying in… the tree house! That’s right, I said tree house. They rented a tree house to say in and the area around the rentals is absolutely beautiful. Some of the bridal party were staying there too so it made sense to do pics there so everyone wasn’t driving around trying to find parking (don’t even get started on parking in this town LOL).

After the first look and LOTS of portraits, we all made our way to the chapel for the ceremony. We only had 1.5 hours there on the grounds and that included the ceremony. I may or may not have been a little bossy with moving people out of the chapel after the ceremony but I was on a mission to get as much time with Alex and Allison as I possibly could. Everyone was so nice and stood by and watched as I took some gorgeous bride and groom pics. It was a first for me to have such an audience watching me work! Being on a time crunch was pretty fun, too, because it kept me on my toes and the pressure sort of makes me work better.

The night ended at the Basin Park Hotel. It’s smack dab in the middle of the historic downtown of Eureka Springs. Charming doesn’t even begin to cut it when describing this place. It was the absolute perfect ending to a perfect day. Watching Alex and Allison say their vows and promise to live the rest of their lives together was ultimately the best part of the day and I’m so honored that I was the the who got to capture it. Get ready for lots of pictures, people. This one is a good one 🙂

Allison, that dress was perfect for you!!!


Reading their letters to one another before seeing each other.

Some tears of joy.

Oh goodness, you two are so cute!

Love this bouquet so much!

Give me all the veils! I love veils and they are so photogenic!

Yep, burgundy might be my new favorite color.

That flower girl 🙂

The beautiful Thorncrown Chapel.

Allison getting ready to walk down the isle… with her father by her side.

Give me all the heart eye emojis!


It’s a tough job being a flower girl.

Hello dreamy natural light! Oh how I wish every reception hall had windows.

One of my favorite parts of the reception… the bouquet toss!

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