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Lindsey + Austin | Wedding

February 27, 2020

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The Pour Vineyard, Red Bud, Illinois

If you’re a faithful reader of my blog, you’ll be familiar with me talking about how fast the time goes by and how quickly time gets away from you. I feel like yesterday was Thanksgiving and now it’s almost March! How does that happen? Lindsey and Austin were married in November and I can’t believe I’m just now getting around to showing you my favorites from their wedding day. I guess now is as good as time as any and it’s better than not at a all, so here it goes. It’s a good one guys so just bare with my ramblings and then scroll through my favorites. 

If you know me, then you know that Lindsey and I have been friends for years. We also work together and it’s so much fun getting to work with one of your best friends every day… well most days 😉 When you find a friend who just simply “gets you” then you know what Lindsey and I’s friendship is like. We have lots in common but especially our love for light and airy things, such as home decor, photography and how she described wanting her wedding day to be. She knew that she wanted simple but elegant and every time I’d ask her about wedding plans she’d just get overwhelmed and push back the topic. I decided to take matters into my own hands, along with her sister Lauren. I found this amazing artist online who paints watercolors and she has a business where she designs custom family crests. When I saw it, I knew right then and there that Lindsey would love it and so Lauren and I picked the different icons that would fit Lindsey and Austin’s life together. It was an early wedding gift from us and I was thinking that when Lindsey saw the crest that she’d design her whole wedding around it. Turns out I was right because when she saw the crest (which she and Austin both LOVED) the planning took off from there. The simple, clean and elegant wedding that Lindsey dreamed of was finally taking shape.

The venue of choice for Lindsey and Austin’s big day was at The Pour Vineyard in Red Bud, Illinois. It’s a beautiful one-location wedding venue with a gorgeous location for both the ceremony and reception. Lindsey and Austin didn’t want a big reception, just some dinner music playing throughout and low enough for people to mingle and chat. The folks over at The Pour Vineyard did an amazing job setting everything up. White linens on long buffet style table settings, tons of white candles lit with greenery running along the center. How can something as simple as candles and greenery be so dang beautiful?! I was in awe when I walked in the reception site. I couldn’t stop taking pictures. Breathtaking is the main word that comes to mind when I think back on it. It was a Friday evening wedding and the ceremony was at sunset and I remember walking in to the reception site with all the candles lit and it was so dreamy, just like something you’d see in a movie. 

The whole day was nothing short of amazing and maybe I’m a little biased because I’m her best friend, but I just have to say that this was one of the prettiest weddings I’ve ever shot. What I loved most about the day, though, was getting to see my best friend marry a man that truly makes her happy. Austin, if you’re reading this, thank you. Thank you for being the sweet and caring guy you are. I’ve never seen my friend happier 🙂 

I seriously could go on and on about how much I think these two are perfect for each other or how their wedding day was a photographers dream, but I’ll leave you to the real reason you came to the blog… to see all the pretty photos. Enjoy looking through just a “few” of my favorites below. 

Yours truly designed the wedding invitations 🙂 I’m pretty proud of how they turned out.
Austin gifted Lindsey a photo book with pictures of the two of them.
The swans just took all my portraits up a notch!
Finnley said she wanted me to take pictures of her looking mad because she saw I had too many pictures of her looking happy.
Can’t forget the fur babies! Look how cute Ryder and Callie are 🙂

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