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I'm a wedding photographer who loves natural light and making sure that your love story gets told through timeless photographs that get shared for generations to come. It's more than perfect lighting, perfect backgrounds and perfect details. It's all about the memories captured from one of the most important days of your life.

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Trinity Lutheran Church/Ratzkeller – Red Bud, Illinois Fall weddings are still, to this day, some of my favorites weddings. There’s just something about fall that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. When I found out that Meghan and Ryan were having a fall wedding I knew it was going to be awesome. There were […]

Celebrations Event Center – Marion, Illinois I can remember like it was yesterday. Lisa and I were emailing each other back and forth about what to do if it were to rain on her and Bill’s wedding day. It wasn’t suppose to just rain. It was suppose to POUR. Where would pictures take place since […]

The Pour Vineyard – Red Bud, Illinois There’s do doubt about it, I love weddings. I always have. I can remember as a little girl going to weddings and sitting there before the ceremony wondering what the bride and bridesmaids do all morning and what did their dresses look like. Did the groomsmen really go […]

Fort Kaskaskia – Ellis Grove, Illinois When a bride and groom get engaged, they automatically start thinking of how the day will look for them. Will they have a black tie event, run to the courthouse for a quick and simple ceremony? Will the event take place at a church where they grew up in […]

A Tinder-ella Story Dating online and through apps has it’s pros and cons. Some pros are that it’s a way of taking away the fear of rejection, it’s really convenient for the modern world (since everyone seems to be super busy) and you don’t have to dress up. You can date from anywhere! Some cons […]

Finally, the celebration they deserved! If these two look familiar it’s probably because you’ve already seen wedding pictures from Becky and Bradley’s first wedding. That sounds a little crazy to say, but then again the last couple of years have been crazy so nothing surprises me anymore these days. So yes, Becky and Bradley were […]

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