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    Bryce + Jodi | A Country/Farm Engagement Session

    17 October 2014

    I normally don't blog 2 sessions in one day but I just HAVE to today. I love this time of year and so do my couples. When I start to book weddings in the beginning of the year, the first thing they ask is, "Can we book our engagement session now?" The reason they ask that is because 8 times out of 10 they want their session to be in the fall. I get it, the weather is beautiful, the leaves are changing and it's down right perfect.

    That's exactly what Jodi wanted when she booked me for her wedding. She and Bryce wanted their engagement pictures to be in the fall because…

    1.) They wanted the beautiful leaves and colors of the season.
    2.) They wanted pictures in their Cubs/Cardinals gear. Bryce (Cubs fan) doesn't exactly know how baseball is in October but Jodi (Cardinals fan) let him wear his Cubs gear anyway. Sorry Bryce, I couldn't help myself. You know it's only Red October around these parts LOL.

    Their session was amazing but my favorite part of the day was when it was time for their dog Lily to join in for a few pictures. She was so cute and did so well. We even got a ring shot of it sitting on Lilly's nose!!! Jodi had been practicing with her even though Bryce thought it was a bad idea. He was sure that ring was going to slide off into Lily's mouth and her swallow it or it was going to get lost in the weeds. It all worked out and I'm so happy with the way their pictures turned out.

    I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 

    I had to post this next picture because I wanted to show you all how I sometimes set up my ring shots. Sometimes I make my couples hold them LOL.

    Steven + Jill | A Country/Farm Engagement Session

    You all know I'm a cat person. I probably post way too many pictures of my cat Huck on Instagram and Facebook and I know my family probably gets annoyed when I send pictures of Huck to them as well. I can't help it. I vowed that I would never be one of "those" people who loved their cat and had to show it every day. Well…. I'm officially "that" person and I love when I find others who are the same way.

    I've known Steven and Jill for a while now and they are such great people. They have a cat named Phoebe and when we scheduled their e-shoot the main requirement was that I had to get pictures of the two of them with Phoebe. They wanted her to wear a sign with the date to maybe use for save-the-dates, etc. They were nervous because she doesn't' sit long enough and they really wanted the shot with her paw on their hands. Phoebe was a trooper and so darn cute!

    Naturally there was threat of rain on the day of their session and it did rain towards the end but we managed to get great shots. I'm absolutely in love with their pictures and I think I captured their love perfectly. Enjoy looking at my favorites from their session.

    LOVE this one!

    I had to post this one! I was getting ready to take the picture below and I heard them counting down. Then they gave me silly faces LOL. Too funny and shows their personalities well.

    I absolutely fell in love with Phoebe!