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Trenton | 2014 Steeleville High School Senior

Oh goodness, where do I start with this blog post??? I seriously remember when this kid/young man was born. When you live in a small town, you know everyone! And I know Trenton's mother and her family really well. He's another senior where I'm sitting here wondering how the heck he's getting ready to graduate! Time seriously is flying by and kids that I remember being born or babysitting are getting ready to move on to the next chapter of their lives.

Trenton took me to some family property for his session. The minute we turned off the highway I was secretly hoping that we were headed to the house with the huge red barn. And that's exactly where he took me. I stepped out of my car and was in awe of what I was seeing. SOOOOO many places to do pictures!!!! It was a photographers dream… well maybe just my dream LOL. Tall weeds and grass surrounded the barn and sheds and the sunlight wasn't too bright and kept peeping through the clouds giving enough golden light for the portraits. Trenton kept making funny faces and posing all crazy. I think I laughed more at this session than I have ever. His personality is so great and will be a huge asset for him when he becomes a nurse. Trenton will be attending UMSL in the fall and he's so excited.

Trenton, enjoy your senior photos and enjoy the rest of your senior year. I can't believe you only have a few weeks left of school… and let's not forget your graduation gift to Hawaii from your grandparents! You better post tons of pictures from your trip!!!

LOVE this!

Probably one of my top favorites from his session!

Playing his fiddle in his grandmother's rocking chair and in her old bedroom! AHHH Love this! He would sit with his grandmother and play the fiddle with her when he was younger and this house will soon be taken down. Such a great photo memory and I'm sure his grandmother will love it.

Justin | 2014 Trico High School Senior

There are seniors who don't know what they want for their session and then there are seniors who do. Justin knew exactly what he wanted. He wanted something in the country, only brought 2 outfits and he was super easy and laid back and said "do whatever you want!" That's music to a photographer's ear. To know we have full reign to shoot WHERE we want and HOW we want is so awesome. I told Justin that my aunt and uncle have a farm and that I love shooting there. It was such a beautiful sunny day on the farm too. I took him all over the property and then ended up on the lane that lead to the house. Even though there are no leaves on the trees it's still really beautiful with all the limbs and sunlight showing through. Normally I hate the sunlight for pictures LOL, mostly because it's always so bright and you have to work around it, but it worked beautifully for Justin. I even let him wear his sunglasses

Gotta love the farm life….. chickens!

Weekend Roundup #5

It's my 5th week in a row doing these weekend roundup posts and I'm loving it. I started a new workflow for 2014, just tweaking a few things from last year. One of my biggest goals of the year was to start blogging consistently. Planning out a blogging schedule has been tough since the year started (mostly because I wasn't as busy and I didn't want to just ramble every day….the good Lord knows I could though LOL), but I'm finally shooting weddings and sessions and I've had stuff to show and clients to brag on.

I have lots coming to the blog this week! I had 3 senior sessions for boys (a nice change from all the girl sessions I have) and a wedding. That's my 5th wedding in a row! It was such an amazing day and I'm so blessed to have a job I love. I get to be around amazing people constantly and meet tons of new people every week. It's so much fun.

Here is a preview from each of the senior sessions and the wedding. Remember to check back daily this week for full blog posts on each of these.

Mike + Shellie | Coral, Ivory & Brown Classic Wedding - Campbell Hill, IL/Chester, IL

These days, Pinterest is THE SITE to go to for planning a wedding. With all the ideas out there, a bride can be overwhelmed planning her wedding. Sometimes, being classic and traditional is the way to go. I love classic and beautiful weddings, especially Mike and Shellie's wedding. Shellie's bridesmaids wore coral floor length gown, they all carried arm bouquets and Shellie wore a dress filled with layers of ruffles and a little bit of bling. It was all so elegant and the flowers were gorgeous. Mike and his groomsmen wore tan tuxes with camp vests. To be honest, it was a pretty camo LOL, if that even exists. It blended in quite nicely with the coral and it didn't stand out too much. The camo still blended with the classic look of the bridesmaids and decorations of the wedding. And even though it was a tad bit chilly on their wedding day, we couldn't have asked fore a better day for portraits. There was a shade tree behind the church were we did all the pictures. The coral dresses just popped against those tan tuxes.

The reception hall was stunning as well, the only thing was by the time I got there it was hard to get all the detail shots of the tables and centerpieces. Sometimes I can get into a hall and get pics before guests arrive and other days I cannot due to scheduling, etc. It's not the end of the world but since I love shooting detail shots I had to just be okay with the pics I got. The head table, though, was amazing! I want to call it shabby chic…. with shades of green and coral. A bunch of old antique doors became the backdrop for the bridal party and it came in handy for the toasts. It's always nice to see how a bride can decorate a hall for weddings. I've shot numerous weddings at the American Legion Hall in Chester, IL and they all have looked different. That's the beauty of this job, you get to see so many different weddings come to life.

Mike and Shellie, I want to congratulate you again on your marriage. It was an absolute perfect day and I'm so honored that I got to be apart of it. 

LOVED Shellie's dress.

AHHHH love this picture!!! So elegant and classic.

Look at that coral pop!

They decided to let balloons go after the ceremony as a family.

A stop at the Covered Bridge before the reception.

I HAD to post this one…. don't kill me Shellie!

Yes…. this happened!

At least Mike helped Shellie clean up :)

If you were there… you know what happened! So funny and a great story to tell for years to come.

Great toasts given by the MOH and BM.

Credits coming soon…. it's currently 12:16am and I have to be up in 6 hours to get ready for another wedding. Goodnight!